EED is a PC-program for vertical borehole heat exchanger design. Its easy of use, short learning curve, quick calculation times and inherent databases make EED a useful tool in everyday engineering work for design of ground source heat pump system (GSHP) and borehole thermal storage. In very large and complex tasks EED allows for retrieving the approximate required borehole size and layout before initiating more detailed analyses. Even for very small plants it is worthwhile using EED instead of rules of thumb. EED handles configurations from one borehole to large systems with up to 1200 boreholes. Annual base loads may vary between a few MWh up to several TWh!


In ground source heat pump system, heat is extracted from the fluid in the ground connection by a geothermal heat pump and distributed to the building. The fluid is then re-warmed as it flows through the ground. In cooling mode, the process is reversed. This is a renewable, environmentally friendly energy source. This sustainable technique can be used for cooling and heating of houses, cooling of telecommunication switchboards, etc.

EED is based on parameter studies with a numerical simulation model (SBM) resulting in analytical solutions of the heat flow with several combinations for the borehole pattern and geometry (g-functions). Those g-functions depend on the spacing between the boreholes at the ground surface and the borehole depth. In case of graded boreholes there is also a dependency on the tilt angle. The g-function values obtained from the numerical simulations have been stored in a data file, which is accessed for rapid retrieval of data by EED.

Calculation of brine temperatures is done for monthly heat/cool loads. Databases provide the key ground parameters (thermal conductivity and specific heat) as well as properties of pipe materials and heat carrier fluids. The monthly average heating and cooling loads are the input data. different methods of establishing a monthly load profile. A printed output report and output graphical processing are provided.

The program has an easy-to-use interface. The borehole thermal resistance is calculated in the program, using the borehole geometry, grouting material, pipe material and geometry. The borehole pattern may be chosen at will from a database of 800 basic configurations.

The main new features of EED 4: 

  • EED now calculates the response due to any hourly load variation. This means that it handles any loads for cooling, heating, and DHW (Domestic Hot Water), with a resolution of one hour. It is quite easy to open an old v3 project and assign any hourly data for any load to investigate the effect of base or peak loads.
  • EED v4 uses fast multi-core cpu computation. EED can even use the GPU (graphics processing unit) to speed up calculations, e.g. it is possible to solve for 100 years of hourly data in just 4 seconds on a $300 graphics card (Radeon RX 480).
  • EED v4 is more than 50 times faster than EED v3. An optimization that took a few minutes on EED v3 only takes a few seconds using EED v4 for monthly load values.
  • EED v4 will also find more solutions (especially for cases with cooling loads) compared to v3 for the optimization
  • A lot of smaller improvements.
  • The user interface now supports 34 languages: English, Arabic, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (simple), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Serbian Latin), Cyrillic (Serbian Cyrillic), Slovene, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese
  • Dr. Thomas Blomberg, Blocon
  • Prof. Johan Claesson, Dept. of Building Physics, Chalmers University, Sweden
  • Dr. Per Eskilson, Dept. of Mathematical Physics, Lund University, Sweden
  • Prof. Göran Hellström, Dept. of Mathematical Physics, Lund University, Sweden
  • Dr. Burkhard Sanner, Germany
Click here for some EED screen shots

EED Screenshots

Screenshot of the optimization list in English.
Screenshot of the optimization list in German.
Main menu in Greek.
Version 4: EED Manual v4 (PDF) Version 3: EED Manual (PDF), revised Feb 19, 2015 Version 2: Manual (PDF), 360 kB, 43 pages, revised October 30, 2000 (This version was written for Windows 98/XP and is not supported anymore.)
Version update info
Current version of EED is 4.20 Use the Update function in EED or use the link you got upon ordering to download the latest version. For all new features, see Appendix A in update manual for EED v4: https://www.buildingphysics.com/manuals/EED4.pdf Version 4.20 April 11, 2019 · Improved accuracy for optimizations · Improvements for graphs for monthly calculations · Directory path for load files set to current working directory by default · Unicode format for load files added · An annual subscription for multiple users with floating licenses are now offered, see https://www.buildingphysics.com/download/floatinglicenses.pdf Version 4.19 May 23, 2017 · Pipe thermal conductivity can now be larger than 100 W/(m·K), see menu “Borehole and heat exchanger”. Version 4.18b April 21, 2017 · For admins/superusers: It is now possible to silently install, uninstall, activate, and deactivate EED using a command line in a batch-file, see www.buildingphysics.com/download/silent_eed.pdf Version 4.18 April 13, 2017: · Compatibility with Windows 10 “Creators update” added. Earlier versions of EED will not start if your OS is updated to Windows 10 “Creators update”. There is however a quick fix that will make old versions of EED run under this OS: Go to folder C:Program Files (x86)BLOCONEED_v4.17, right-click “EED_v4_17.exe” and choose Properties. In the Compatibility tab, change “Compatibility mode” to “Windows 7”. · New version of TurboActivate ( Version 4.17 March 1, 2017: · EED v4 now always shows results from first year (0) for monthly simulations (same as in v3). The option “Show results after x years” is now only valid for hourly simulations (in order to make these calculations quicker). The default value has also been changed from “1” to “0”. · EED v4 now shows output temperatures and heat extraction rates with a precision of three digits. More digits can be chosen by checking “Show results with more digits” in the Settings menu. Version 4.16 Feb 22, 2017: · Fix: EED showed an error message when started on systems with decimal separator “.” · Fix: Last hourly value for temperature was sometimes zero using GPU-calculation · New “pipe.txt” file:  names such as “PE DN25 PN6” changed to “PE DN25 SDR-17”. PE DN45 SDR-17 added Version 4.15 Jan 7, 2017: · Fix: Graph for fluid temperatures was sometimes not updated when hidden. Version 4.14 Jan 4, 2017: · EED now uses threaded parallel SIMD calculations which gives 15-150 times faster simulations. Solving 25 years of hourly fluid temperatures now only takes a few seconds on a modern PC. · EED can also use the GPU (graphics card) that allows for up to 200-300 times faster execution. A $300 graphics card allows for a 100-year analysis in less than 4 seconds. · Updated approximation for irregular configurations. For all new features, see Appendix A in update manual for EED v4: https://www.buildingphysics.com/manuals/EED4.pdf Version 4.13 Dec 7, 2016: · Hourly fluid temperatures are now written to file ”tfluid.out” when a simulation is made for hourly load values. (Monthly fluid temperatures are written when monthly load values are used.) · File “hcdat.txt” now contains 59 new entries of heat carrier fluids with data for different ethanol concentrations and temperatures for “15%, 20%, 24%, 28% och 35% ethanol”. Version 4.12 Dec 5, 2016: · First public release. Older versions Version 3.22 update Sept 14, 2016: · Fix for license activation problems. · Danish added. Now supporting 34 languages Version 3.21 update March 13, 2015: · Output temperatures have new format (two decimals instead of three) · Wrong colors in graphs for base load and peak load charts fixed · Easier curves to understand in charts for “Fluid temperature” and “Minimum and maximum temperatures” · Button “Copy to clipboard” in menu “borehole and heat exchanger” did not work and is now fixed Version 3.2 update Feb 19, 2015: For all news about EED v3.2, please see chapter 11 in the manual: EED manual (PDF), revised Feb 19, 2015 – Better adaption to Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. – New improved license management system. Your old licence keys for v3.0-v3.16 need to be converted to a new product key for v3.2. This can be made here: Generate new product key. – Export to Excel improved. To upgrade your old license of EED v3.0-v3.16 to v3.2 do as follows: Use the Update function in EED (see above), or download the setup program using your old license link that you got when you ordered EED v3. Language files updates Jan 29, 2015: Estonian, Latvian, and Farsi added. Jan 28, 2014: The output window was empty when ”First month of operation” was 3 for certain German and Turkish users. Please use updated files from ”EED_Languages.zip below. Use with EED version 3.16 or later. Oct 24, 2012: Slovak added. Sept 17, 2012: Arabic added. Oct 28, 2011: Slovene added. Serbian updated. Aug 16, 2010: Finnish added. July 27, 2010: Vietnamese added. Download all language files here: EED_Languages.zip. Put the files in the Language folder. Version 3.16 update July 4, 2010: – Different fonts used in EED leading to that input data could not fit into boxes for Windows 7. – Formatting problems in Excel solved. Some comma separated strings for configuration gave problems in column handling. April 14, 2010: Lithuanian added. EED now available in 24 languages! Jan 27, 2010: Basque added. Dec 21, 2009: Hebrew added. Version 3.15 update Oct 15, 2009: -Fixed error where garbage characters were printed from the design data editor (menu item “File/Print”). – Replaced with new option to export to Notepad. -Fixed error where characters in some languages (e.g. Serbian) were not displayed correctly. -Contains language update from July 17, 2009 (see below). – July 17, 2009: Serbian (Latin+Cyrillic), Russian, Chinese, and Japanese have been added. Version 3.14 update June 8, 2009: · EED now handles unicode characters. Three new languages are added: Chinese (simplified), Russian, and Japanese. EED 3.14 contains translation for 19 languages Note that the new language text files (e.g. for German: Lang_menu_ger.txt, Lang_in_ger.txt, Lang_out_ger.txt) now are saved in UNICODE format. Files used by earlier version of EED (3.00-3.13) were saved in ANSI and cannot be used directly. If you have made any changes to our language files you need to re-open them in e.g. Notepad and save them in UNICODE format. · Fixed error message “EED is registered but ActiveX does not exists”. This alert came in some cases for a user without admin rights running EED under Vista and XP.  Administrator can install EED for “Current user” or “All users”. Version 3.13 update 2009-01-14: · Output results can now be opened in Excel. This will give easier access to data for mean fluid temperatures, heat extraction rate and monthly energy profile. See menu item “Export to xls-file and open it” in the output result window. · Temperature charts now uses Fahrenheit when English units is selected. · Graphics for borehole configurations (added in EED 3.11, see below) with U-shape was drawn incorrectly for N1xN2 where N2>N1. Version 3.12 update 2008-10-08: · Corrected error message that was wrong in version 3.11: “The error message “Warning: Fluid minimum temp. accuracy not met!” was sometimes shown when using F9 (solve mean fluid temp) even though simulation was ok. Version 3.11 update 2008-09-24: · Graphics added for borehole and heat exchanger, see figures below. Shank spacing may graphically be changed for U-pipes. · Thermal conductivity added for filling material in the case with coaxial heat exchanger. · Graphics added for borehole configuration, see example picture below with 16 boreholes in an L2-configuration. · More solutions found for cases with large borehole spacings (>55 m). · A few corrected error messages. Version 3.10 update 2008-09-03: · Smaller fix if english units is used: Some values shown in output window for Monthly energy profile were not displayed correctly (sum of “factors” and “loads”) · Exporting to xls-file in optimization window: If number of rows was less than 20, an error was shown Language files complete for English, Bulgarian, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish (Castilian), Swedish, Turkish Version 3.09 update 2008-07-09: · The flow rate in the borehole was calculated wrong when option “for all boreholes” was used · Maximum value for series factor now increased from 10 to 99 If series factor is larger than number of boreholes, the flow rate in the borehole Qbh will now be the same as specified flow Q Version 3.08 update 2008-07-03: · Support and language file for Greek added. Language files complete and corrected for English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish (Castilian), Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch Version 3.07 update 2008-07-02: · Error in 3.06 fixed (the curves for peak heat and cool load were mixed with the basic load fluid temperature) · New files for surface temperature and heat flux (June 16, 2008) Language files complete for English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish (Castilian), Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch (June 16, 2008) New databases (Included in updates above) New files for surface temperature and heat flux are available. Download the zip-file and extract the files to the directory where EED is located (e.g. C:Program FilesBloconEED_3) and replace the old files. Data for surface temperatures and ground heat flux now cover several locations in AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, BULGARIA, CROATIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, DENMARK, ESTONIA, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY (over 60 locations), GREECE, HUNGARY, ICELAND, IRELAND, ITALY, LATVIA, LIECHTENSTEIN, LITHUANIA, LUXEMBOURG, MACEDONIA, NETHERLANDS, NORWAY, POLAND, PORTUGAL, ROMANIA, SERBIA, SLOWAKIA, SLOWENIA, SPAIN, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, TURKEY, and UNITED KINGDOM. EED_Database.zip (June 16, 2008) Data are mainly taken from national meteorological services and from different editions of EU geothermal atlas. Language support (Compare dates for updates above. If date for zip-file is after the update version, please download zip-file below to assess the latest languages.) The following languages are available in EED 3: · English · French · German · Hungarian (corrected characters July 3, 2008) · Italian · Spanish (Castilian) · Swedish · Turkish (corrected characters July 3, 2008)) · Portuguese (corrected characters July 3, 2008)) · Polish (corrected characters July 3, 2008)) · Dutch (added June 29, 2008) · Greek (added July 3, 2008) · Bulgarian (added July 16, 2008) · Romanian (added August 25, 2008) · Catalan (added August 25, 2008) · Czech (added February 26, 2009) · Russian (added June 8, 2009) · Chinese (added June 8, 2009) · Japanese (added June 8, 2009) · Serbian (Latin+Cyrillic) (added July 17, 2009) · Hebrew (added Dec 21, 2009) · Basque (added Jan 27, 2010) · Lithuanian (added April 14, 2010) · Vietnamese added (July 27, 2010) · Finnish added (Aug 16, 2010) · Slovene added (Oct 28, 2011) · Arabic added (Sept 17, 2012) · Slovak added (Oct 24, 2012) · Korean added (Dec 4, 2012) · Estonian, Latvian, Farsi added (Jan 29, 2015) EED_Languages.zip Download this zip-file and extract the files to the directory where the language folder is located (e.g. C:Program FilesBloconEED_3Languages) and replace the old files. Choose language in EED (menu item Settings/Language). Help needed for translation into other languages We offer a free license of EED Multi-lingual  if you make a valid translation into a new language (add a column in EED_Languages_xls.zip). If you wish to contribute, please contact us first in case of that no other is currently working on it. At the moment, we need translations made for the following languages: Indonesian, Hindi, Urdu. (we do not need other languages at the moment) (There are about 1100 words to translate.) How to create files for a new language New language files can easily be created and edited. There are three files for the menu text, the input dialogue text, and the output text: Menu text: Lang_menu_***.txt Input text: Lang_in_***.txt Output text: Lang_out_***.txt The “***” should be replaced by the ISO 639-2 Code, see http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/code_list.php E.g. the Swedish files are named Lang_menu_swe.txt Lang_in_swe.txt Lang_out_swe.txt If you create new language files please consider to email these to info@blocon.se and we will make these available to others. Create/Add/Edit languages in menu item Settings/Options, see below.
”EED on the web”
Apart from the standard desktop version, EED v4 is also available as an add-on (“EED on the web”) which runs on our dedicated server from any operating system and/or device with an HTML5-compliant web browser, such as IE10/11, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc. It supports PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, Android and many other popular devices. You can even run it from any smart-TV connected to the Internet. => For more info, see manual: EED on the web There are many advantages running EED on a dedicated server:
  • Extreme calculation performance. We use very powerful cpu:s and gpu:s allowing quick simulations and optimizations for both monthly and hourly values for loads.
  • You dont have to install/update EED. It has always the latest version.
  • Access it from anywhere via a web browser on your PC, Mac, IPad, IPhone, smartphones, tablets, TV:s, etc.
  • Share your project files on the server with colleagues. There can even be simultaneous concurrent users accessing the server.
”EED web engine”
The EED web engine is a simple yet powerful solution that allows users to quickly make calculations without the standard EED desktop application. EED web engine is typically for more advance users that need to run many calculations e.g. for parameter variations, or building interface to own or other building energy software. All that is needed from the user is basically to put an input file in a drop-box/Google drive/Onedrive folder and then the engine will read that file, calculate it, and produce an output file with results. There are many advantages using the EED web engine:
  • Easy to use. Access it from anywhere.
  • Extreme calculation performance. We use powerful cpu/gpu:s allowing quick simulations and optimizations for both monthly and hourly values for loads. A monthly calculation for 25 years takes typically 0.02 seconds, and an hourly calculation for 25 years only about one second!
  • Run multiple batch jobs allowing e.g. parameter studies.
  • Allows for integration development to be used with other software within building simulation such as TRNSYS, EnergyPlus, DesignBuilder and OpenStudio (based on EnergyPlus), and other software that needs a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) module.
=> For more info, see manual: eed web engine An account for using the EED web engine requires a perpetual or annual license of EED v4. The cost is the same as for “EED on the WEB”, see https://buildingphysics.com/wp-content/uploads/prices.pdf So, a typical cost is 1-2 Euros per simulation. The subscription is valid for one year.
  • Geotrainet uses EED in their courses ”Training for designers” on several locations in Europe. Please see their course calender.
  • Holymoor Consultancy Ltd (UK) offers courses and training in EED. Please see their course calendar for “open” courses, or contact Holymoor Consultancy directly for bespoke internal training.
  • Courses (usually in Swedish) given by www.geoenergicentrum.se and www.emtf.se.

List of 1000+ consultants and universities/research institutes in 25+ countries that uses EED

SOMMERconsult Germany Holger Bonacker Germany BGU Dr. Brehm & Grün Germany Genesis Umwelt Consu Germany HGC Hydro-Geo-Consul Deutschland baugrundsued Germany geohydrotherm Austria Erdwaerme plus Germany TU-Braunschweig, Ins Germany EGS-plan GmbH Germany Hochschule Biberach Germany Ingenium n.v. Brugge Belgium Mikko Muukki Finland Holymoor Consultancy United INGEO SPAIN Ynergy Operations BV Netherlands Geoteam Ges.m.b.H. Austria H.S.W. GmbH Germany ATH ITALIA SRL ITALY Hessisches Competenc Deutschland UniWork DrillTec Gmb Germany Technische Universit Germany Mull und Partner Germany Mannvit Kft Hungary GEOLYS SPRL BELGIUM Smet Group Belgium Itho Daalderop Neder Netherlands Ecole Polytechnique  Canada Kodi BV Nederland Dalian Termica Heat  China Almadius Belgium UAB GRINDINIS Lithuania Buro Bron Netherlands Klimaatgarant The Studiebureau R. Boyd Belgium Department of Renewa Austria Grondboorbedrijf C.  Netherlands PATRICK WEINMANN Switzerland HYDROGEOLOGUES CONSE France BETASPED doo MACEDONIA Romanian Geoexchange Romania Fondazione Bruno Kes Italy Weinmann-Energies SA Switzerland MuoviTech AB Sweden SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskning Sweden Ramboll Finland Oy FINLAND Ferkingstad og Alsaker AS Norway RicMan Energy Sweden Värmex Konsult AB Sweden Rototec Consulting Sweden Geological Survey of Finland Finland Kadesjös Ingenjörsbyrå AB Sweden Bjerking AB Sverige COWI AS NORWAY FVB Sverige ab Sverige Bengt Dahlgren Geoenergi i Sto Sverige ADVEN SWEDEN AB Sweden SENS AB Sweden Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu  Finland E.ON Värme Sverige AB Sweden ÅF Infrastructure AB Sweden Energy Machines Sverige GeoDrilling ApS Danmark Norconsult As Norge Ramböll Sverige AB Sweden Incoord Installationscoordinat Sweden POLITECHNIKA BIALOSTOCKA Poland Rototec AS Norge Uponor Corporation Finland Skanska Sverige AB Sweden Borrgrossisten i Sverige AB Sweden KTH Energiteknik Sweden Asplan Viak AS, Arendal Sweden FBB Finspångs Brunnsborrning  Sweden Värmex Konsult AB Sweden AQUALE S.P.R.L Belgium Fagskolen Innlandet Norway Missing Link Enginee Australia Hidro Geo Consulting Lithuania PROMEE 2 Lda. Portugal Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Ve Germany Fore Installatie Adv Nederland NTNU Norway Josef Fuchs GmbH Austria Hochschule Biberach Germany Rototec Oy Finland Mammoth Climate Russia GEOPRO.cz, s.r.o Czech Ehlen & Söhne GmbH Deutschland Fachhochschule Münch Germany Maieutica-Cooperativ Portugal JDR ENERGIES SA Switzerland Maksymilian Czerepak Poland S&D Boringen Belgium Kent Samuelsson Sweden Thomas More Belgium POLITECHNIKA WROClAW Poland University of Zagreb Croatia SUPSI Switzerland Euros Energy Sp. z o Poland Ingenieurbüro WTA Gm Germany DNF Norway VSB- Technical Unive Czech Verkis Iceland Univ. App. Sci. Tech Austria CSD INGENIEURS SA Switzerland Nathan Projects Holland Hochschule Zittau/Gö Germany Rehau AG & Co Germany COMPAREX AG Germany GVB i Ljung AB Sweden JE Kroon Konsult Sweden SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskning Sweden Malmberg Borrning AB Sweden Tyréns AB Sweden Bryngels AB Sweden E.ON Värme Sverige AB Sweden Östersunds VVS Konsult AB Sweden Rock Energy AS Sweden Eneo Solutions AB Sweden VIA University College Norway Uponor Corporation Sweden Skanska Sverige AB Sweden Geoenergiprojekt Sweden KTH Energiteknik Sweden Asplan Viak AS, Arendal Denmark FBB Geoenergi AB Sweden Ramkvist VSB-Konsult AB Sweden Hawi Zelhem Netherlands egmasystems.se Sweden Rehau AG & Co Germany Dept of Geology Norway assmann GmbH Germany Geocore s.r.o. Czech Moser & Partner Ing. AUSTRIA Rietzler Gruppe GmbH Deutschland Konrad Stükerjürgen  Nordrhein baugrundsued Germany Geo-Energie BV Netherlands Skånska Energi Värme & Kyla  Sweden Geotechnik Tauchmann Austria H.S.W. GmbH Germany SBZ    Sp. z o.o. Poland Emtec Energy Ltd UK h klinge-doldersum Netherlands Sylvain Rodriguez Sweden Stadt Bottrop Germany rototec.fi Finland MTH-Plan² Deutschland Peter Schulz Germany Heiko Giesen Giesen- Germany Maieutica-Cooperativ Portugal Miljöförvaltningen Sweden Carolus Schoormans Belgium seecon Ingenieure Gm Germany geoenergiprojekt.se Sweden Ingenieurbüro für Ge GERMANY GEOTEST AG Switzerland geogurk Germany instalaciones Zornot Spain Pauli Luoto Finland TERMOLINE SRL BAN HO Romania Grontmij Belgium NV Belgium i-mf.de Germany GeoDrilling ApS Denmark Terra GeoServ K Ireland Energys Sàrl Switzerland écorce sprl Belgium Fachhochschule Dortm Germany CHROME COMPUTERS SRL ROMANIA Lapon Oy Finland CATHOLIC KWANDONG UN South Korea ECM CHILE Horizon for Renewabl Jordan AGH Univ. of Science Poland Nathan Import / Expo Holland IBJ Engineering GmbH Germany VIA University College Denmark T.S. Team-Software G Germany Uponor Corporation Finland Sweco Environment AB Sweden KTH Energiteknik Sweden Asplan Viak AS, Arendal Norway FBB Geoenergi AB Sweden Moonsoft Oy Finland Joren Geldhof Dowon Korea Technische Universität Darmstadt Diepsonderingen H. Verbeke bvba Klimaatgarant PolyForce SA Tjaden B.V. Vanhecke NV Koelewijn Bronbemalingen BV Ingenieursozietät Prof. Katzenbach Vhgm B.V. Takuro Harada TB BÖCHZELT GE-TRA s.r.o. ASK Geotherm GmbH & Co. KG das geoteam DWA Sylvain Jolliet, csd.ch Skånska Energi Wolfgang Okken geosynergie ATH ITALIA SRL Hubert Graf Torsten Frusch GeoTec boringen bvba Skanska Norge ATH ITALIA SRL bbri.be Accio AB therenewabledesigncompany.com sweco.se Aztek Technologies Dr. Ulrich Geotechnik GmbH mgs-europe.de House of Sustainability Asplan Viak BaugrundSued BAG-E Sagl Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd Tyrens Raditex Control AB Geological Survey of Slovenia apgeologos.pt Christian DE NACQUARD HVAC group at Aalto Univ Via University Uponor Sweco FBB Geoenergie AB GEO AARHUS Erichsen & Horgen AB Rehau Rohrvortriebstechnik Bottrop GmbH Antea Group Cinca Construct GeoBüro Pfeiffer Terra Tec-Geothermie GmbH K&C Geotherm WPW GEO.INGENIEURE GmbH Sweco Environment AB Elektropluss as François-Xavier Marquis Burchard GmbH ATH ENERGIA SRL Bureau d’ingénieurs et géologues Groenholland Geo-Energyststems BV Skånska Energi Värme Kyla AB CDM Smith Consult GmbH Dhara Soluciones energeticas IPRO DRESDEN IT-Abt. Multiconsult Schleich GmbH GEOTEST AG SOK, Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta Luleå tekniska universitet Universidad de Chile – STESSA 2012 Geosondo NTNU, Dept Energy- and Process Eng. Ostfalia Hochschule S.C. NISAL S.R.L. ARL MIROWSKI Tampere University Of Technology Geoazimut Sàrl Vrije Universiteit Brussel KWA Bedrijfsadviseurs Mr. Pierre-Jean Duc University of Kassel, FB 14, Geotechnics Christine Buddenbohm Yeungnam University Uponor Corporation Studiebureau R. Boydens Nv Johannes Veneman ALPGEO SARL V.O.F. Jansen Bronbemaling Terraplan Ingénieurs Sàrl Mr. Julian Sowerbutts TH Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm Karakas & Français SA ATH ENERGIA SRL Dreßler, Brunnen und Tiefbau Mr. Timothy Baker UAB Tenko Baltic VIA University College Alfonso J Moraño Rodriguez Vögerl & Wilks Bohrunternehmen GmbH Rehau AG & Co Ingenieurbüro Michael Fritzlar VKEngineering Creanova AB Nordisk Energikontroll AS Rehau AG & Co secos.it MuoviTech AB luinstra.nl Malmberg Water AB Konsulttitoimisto Enersys Oy gebo.be Ingenieursbureau Boorsma B.V. Tech. Univ. FG Hydrogeologie und Geothermie geotechnik.tu-darmstadt.de Energi-montage AB schoormans vkgroup.be IFTECH/AGP.BE Skånska Energi Värme Kyla AB bpm-ingenieure.de WSPGroup.com Luleå Kommun pbt.se fritz-planung.de saunier-associes.com geother.fr uponor.de Diplom Geologe Passler BTSoftware, BROEK, MOVARES.NL ccpsoft.de, LBEG, NIEDERSACHSEN.DE cecam.com deutschebahn.com girod.es kaist.ac.kr itho.nl wikvvs.se beg-geol.ch philex.be energia-tmp.ch boden-und-grundwasser.de geoenergie-konzept.de Augsburger Forages SA cmr.no inddigo.com acenergia.es AsplanViak AS planair.ch hydroresearch.se ATH ENERGIA SRL tewag.de golder.com.au denker-umwelt.de geoval.ch geotest.ch burgeap.fr rorlegger-service.no jung-ingenieure.at åbolands borrservice ab SEEC AB isfh.de TECSE pilosur.com cosagmbh.de finbrunn.se abmmorava.cz Studio Tecnico IKS GmbH Jena Underground Energy, LLC termoekonomi.se rehau.com IBF DI Faustmann KG TERRA THERM Erdwärme GmbH delta-h.de wspcbp.de dmctechnology.com duratherm.nl bestenergysolutions.net VS.GEOFORMA dst.unipi.it aidengineering.gr CDM Consult GmbH dta-technik.pl smul.sachsen.de Ramboll.com dekonta.cz forkers.com hydrogeoconseils.ch Merkus Weert BV Universität Bremen geothex.nl geoproduction.fr peterbrett.com Iftechnology.nl geoservices.be golder.fi unger-ingenieure.de henkegeo.de unican.es giesbers.com Sweco.se d van ‘t hof grondwerken LOHRconsult.de geo.dk zahav.net.il Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH ib-jung.com oamk.fi fsb.hr Groundtherm.co.uk geowarmth.co.uk heidt-peters.de wiertsema.nl unimelb.edu.au fa-as.no rigotrieben.ch pikulski.net schreuder.nl ecoheating.be energie-effizient-sparen.de Lothar Hinrichs fh-nuernberg.de cowi.no schumann-bau.de coresource.co.uk Ngi.no alware.de csd.ch arup.com siliter.com sonic-drilling.nl Energy Machines Sweden arcadisbelgium.be varmex.se zonenergie.nu Jansen.com dr-heimbucher.de ZENITH CONSULTING EN CYPRUS ECOME FRANCE Tyréns AB Sweden ACT Holding BV Netherlands Sweco Energuide Sweden welwater b.v. niederlande Remon BV The GEFGA mbH Deutschland Ballast Nedam IPM Netherlands KTH Energiteknik Sweden PGG GmbH Deutschland Faculty of Mech. 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Nederland Beuth-Hochschule für Berlin ERW Erdwärme GmbH Deutschland Amasond Vertriebs Gm Austria Tracto-Technik  GmbH NRW IBF DI Faustmann KG Österreich Alpha-InnoTec Norge  Norway Sweegers en de Bruij The C&B International Se Spain BURGEAP France Michael König GmbH & D Terra Energy Belgium Ecosphera Srl Palazzolo NATURAL CLIMATE SYST SPAIN Rohe & Sohn GmbH Deutschland Climaconsult Finland Finland ICF Environnement France Dr. Born – Dr. Ermel Germany GEOLYS SPRL BELGIUM Iwers Bohrtechnik Germany Ville de Geneve – DS SWITZERLA Crea-Tec Belgium Oviedo University Spain Fundación Energía Co Spain omnicron GmbH Germany Klenke Bohrunternehm Deutschland Korea Institute of C South Korea Schouten Techniek BV The Energiutvecklarna Norden AB Sweden Geologie & Grundwass Österreich Junta de Extremadura Spain Betetb FRANCE Smoltczyk & Partner  Deutschland Dana Energy Solution Canada Ehlen GmbH Deutschland NGI Norway Boden und Grundwasse Germany Re Energy Engineerin Bulgarien Hochschule Biberach Germany Algemene Onderneming Belgium IDEA holding group L China TerraEn Germany Geoliving GmbH Italien SECOS ENGINEERING sr ITALY CMB+ Bohrtechnik für Deutschland CONTI&Associés Ing.  Switzerland INGEO SPAIN TERRASOND GmbH & Co. Germany Fachhochschule Lausi Deutschland Remon BV The Energia Geotermica S Spanien Amstein + Walthert S Switzerland Futurum Energi AS Sweden Neumann+Schweizer In Germany GHJ Ingenieurgesells Deutschland Goldbeck Sued Germany AKJ Energiteknik AB Sweden Skånska Energi AB Sweden BGU Dr. Brehm & Grün Deutschland Department of measur Czech Geoex s.a.s. Italy Hundredgroup China De Grondwaterspecial The Newsec Energy AB Sweden Università degli Stu Italy Geothermal Response  Hungary Oberthal Energy s.r. Italy Dipl. Ing. Karl Mayer Österreich SECOS ENGINEERING sr ITALY Hochschule Darmstadt Germany NEK Umwelttechnik AG Schweiz Institut für Infrast Österreich Erdwärme-Forum Germany Grundbaulabor Münche Deutschland Geotechnisches Umwel Deutschland Ingenieurbüro BGA Deutschland Aqua Energy Systems Netherlands studiebureau r boyde belgium Enders und Dührkop m Germany 1dong No.416, Hanbat South Korea DMA Engineering USA PC-WARE AG Germany Bouwcentrale Schelde Belgium LOWTE AB Sweden TU Darmstadt Deutschland H.S.W. GmbH Rostock Deutschland Geoterm PDC srl ROMANIA Instalaciones Enriqu SPAIN Enstar AB Sweden Dalian Termica Heat  China EUROMECHANICAL LTD GREECE EcoVision Systems UK Regenesys UK UK Rene Arenas Chile Duratherm b.v. The CONSULAQUA Hamburg Germany UniWork GmbH Germany Umeå Projekt Team Sweden TERMOTERRA, S.L. SPAIN Técnicas Geofísicas  Spain Gartiser & Piewak Gm Deutschland AquaNed Watertechnie Netherlands ICAX Ltd UK ISSO Netherlands Technum-Tractebel En Belgium Econic Ltd England Otto Schubert GmbH Deutschland WSP Sweden Aquaterra UK Ltd ENGLAND Magpie Environmental UK AIT Austrian Institu Österreich University College D Ireland GWTR Netherlands Geothermie RheinMain Deutschland BAUWERKSTATT-graz |  Austria Fittersbedrijf C. Ri Netherlands KLÖTZL Vertriebs Gmb Österreich ESI United Applied Geotechnical UK Fusion G-Source Ltd UK Zublin Scandinvia AB Sweden VIA University Colle Denmark Umweltbuero GmbH Vog Germany Van Grinsven Grondbo Nederland Climapac AB Sweden JDIH (Water & Enviro UK Institut Dr. Haag Gm Germany IGVP GmbH Deutschland GIBS Deutschland Hamm & Theusner Deutschland geo consult POHL Deutschland Wälderbau Bohrtechni Österreich GuD Geotechnik und D Deutschland Tracto-Technik GmbH& Germany Ingenieurbüro P. Jun Deutschland geoENERGIE Konzept G Deutschland IBF DI Faustmann KEG Österreich Hannes Egger Deutschland Loopmaster Europe Lt U.K. GroundHeat Systems I Italia CCE Ziviltechniker G Austria Holymoor Consultancy UK Baugrundbüro Barthel Deutschland LAFOR EnergiEntreprenader AB Sweden Andersson & Hultmark AB Sweden Incoord Installationscoordinat Sweden Fachhochschule Bochu Germany alb-elektric Huber G Germany Czech technical univ Czech Rehau AG & Co Germany Gealia Nova SL Spain Hagelauer Umwelt-Geo Germany GEBO bvba BELGIUM BPMBUTH Deutschland CDM Germany FUGRO CONSULT GmbH Germany H.S.W. GmbH Rostock Deutschland Bohrgesellschaft Sel Rheinland- geothermiebüro.de Germany GEOTEC GmbH Nfg. KEG Österreich Peil & Koch ingenieu Deutschland Geopartner S.a r.l. Luxemburg Secos Engineering ITALY Rogge & Co. Hydrogeo Deutschland W/E adviseurs Netherlands GTI Zuidoost Netherlands TERRE ET HABITAT France Mull und Partner Deutschland Secos Engineering ITALY HGD Hungary TU-Braunschweig, Ins Germany Christopher Wood United Nathan Import/Export Holland Thermeco Cyprus Dip. di Geoscienze Italy Secos Engineering ITALY T Service SRL Italy Dr. Schuermann Consu Germany Secos Engineering ITALY B.A.UM Inh. C. Budde Germany Ynergy Netherlands Geo.logo – Studio di Varese Hochschule Biberach Germany ASK Geotherm GmbH &  Deutschland Creanova AB Sweden Geological Survey of Finland Finland IVT Industrier AB Sweden Oosterveld Installat Netherlands Geotechnisches Insti Deutschland National Technical U Greece Sachverständigenbüro Deutschland ahu AG Deutschland ASPETE Greece IF Technology Netherlands AEC Engineering Inc Canada ENERGYTECH INGEGNERI ITALIEN AQUA Spring HOLLAND W. Ilgenfritz Bauunt Deutschland Verdichtungskontroll Deutschland Gerodur MPM Kunststo Deutschland BEYER – Beratende In Deutschland Töniges GmbH Deutschland Sweco Environment AB Sweden Asplan Viak AS Norway Norges geotekniske institutt Norway e² – Energieberatung Deutschland iC consulenten ZT Gm Austria Dr. Hug Geoconsult G Germany Dairco bvba Belgium Geo-Energie BV Netherlands Alpecon Wilhelmy KEG Austria Hessische Landesanst Deutschland Ingenieurteam Dr. He Germany Ecole Polytechnique  Canada Rolton Group United Herbert Spiekermann  Germany Technum – Tractebel  Belgium IBH-Herold & Partner Germany HYDROINGEA Studio As Italy IFTec GeoEnergía S.L Spain Malin Geothermal Sys South Korea T&A Survey The systherma Deutschland University of Warwic United Geothermie Neubrande Deutschland Wiertsema & Partners Netherlands ap-ingenieure Deutschland Geologic GmbH Österreich TETHYS HYDRO FRANCE HARRESS PICKEL CONSU Deutschland Geocalor Portugal Weinmann-Energies SA Switzerland Genesis Umwelt Consu Deutschland Ramkvist VSB-Konsult AB Sweden ICEE Sweden Studio Tecnico Italy pbr Planungsbüro Roh Deutschland GESTEC s.r.o. CZECH GEOBIT Ingenieurgese Deutschland BRIES Netherlands Brunnenbau Kern Deutschland G2H Conseils FRANCE WQ-Management Deutschland LOHRconsult Deutschland Schüco International Deutschland European Institute f Germany Friedrich Noll GmbH Deutschland Groundwater and Geot UK Korea University in  South Korea Technical University Bulgaria Geo Heat Ex Denmark Kontermo Oy Finland HGC Hydro-Geo-Consul Deutschland Gerber Ingenieurgese Deutschland Hartig und Ingenieur Deutschland Vaillant Saunier Duv Poland Ks,Consult Deutschland Thermia Värme AB Sweden COWI A/S Denmark LEMONA INDUSTRIAL, S.A Büro für Ingenieurgeologie Böker und Partner Ingenieure fuer Haustechnik EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd geoENERGIE Konzept GmbH SienerSoft AG Stadtwerke Düsseldorf GIB Mittweida Studio di Progettazione GEO TECNICA DOLOMITI Nathan Import/Export bv Ingenieurbüro Dr. Klein Ingenieurbüro Dr. G. Hafner GHJ Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH & Co. HG Buero fuer Hydrogeologie und Umwelt GmbH Fugro Ingenieursbureau BV PBK NORMA Sp DEMETRA SpA SECOS ENGINEERING Ingenieurbüro P. Jung Domotec Ingenieure GmbH Geopartner S.a r.l. Groundheat Systems International Inc. Ks,Consult Malin Geothermal Systems,Inc. Studio Tecnico di Geologia Bohrgesellschaft Selztal mbH IDISOL ENERGIA S.L. geo consult POHL Rolton Group CCE Ziviltechniker GmbH ARGIRIS BAIRAKLILIS Geotechnisches Büro Dr. Mattmüller Vorstermans Installatietechniek Fachhochschule München Center for Hydrogeology Rehau AG & Co Intechma GmbH Ynergy Operations AEC Engineering Inc Dijkoraad GEFGA mbH Vertical Heat GmbH ECO Heat Pumps Ltd ITB GmbH IFB Eigenschenk GmbH Renewable Practises LTD Duratherm b.v. 3E sa Müller & Perrottet SA Ingenieurbüro Schemm Robert Bosch GmbH INGENUM nv bestuurder VYNCKE Tracto-Technik GmbH Mouchel Parkman Geoson S.à r.l. UniWork GmbH HYDRO-DATA Oekowaerme Consult REHAU AG Ing. Büro Dr. Tillmanns & Partner GmbH XEOAQUIS DESIGNER ENGENE ASK Geotherm GmbH Rogge & Co. Hydrogeologie GmbH Water Management Consultants BoSS Consult GmbH WSP Ingenieurbüro Metzler Gungl Bohrgesellschaft Gmbh Fritz Planung GmbH WQ-Management Klenner Immobilien Medien & Consulting Dip. di Geoscienze BPMBUTH ErdWärmeNetz GmbH Sottosuolo srl Smet GWT PJCarew Consulting Geotechnik Adam ZT GmbH EVE MR INIGO ARRIZABALAGA VDC Milieuadvies bvba Broder AG TERRA THERM Erdwärme GmbH MBT Ingenieure & Dienstleistungs GmbH Mull und Partner Golder Associates (UK) Ltd. Cundall (CJP LLP) Wälderbau Bohrtechnik GmbH TRL Limited GuD Geotechnik und Dynamik Consult GmbH BEC Berga Energy Consulting Geological bureau HU Geologie und Analytik GmbH TU-Braunschweig, Inst. f. Geb. u. Solartechnik Politecnico di Milano LIBERO PROFESSIONISTA INGEGNERE Geologic GmbH IBF DI Faustmann KEG Gruneko AG VERBEKE Sachverständigenbüro Schriefer FH-Nürnberg Institut für Energie und Gebäude Geotechnisches Umweltbüro Lehr Planungsbüro für Erdwärmeanlagen PEWA HGN Hydrogeologie GmbH CALDERA GEOTHERMIE SARL Faber Maunsell Hafren Water GTE Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Samsung E&C LINGGEO GEOENERGIE Geoenergia S.r.l. Geotherm Energy Systems BV Landkreis osnabrück FD Geotechnik Hundhausen ÅF-Infrastruktur AB School of Marine Science & Technology University of Newcastle BRGM INSUBRIA SRL Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd Geologisches Büro Widmaier Winter-Geologie Kowkab Publishers Loopmaster Europe Ltd Landesamt für Geologie und Bergbau Henke und Partner GmbH lanu.landsh.de BAM Techniek – Energy Systems Peschla + Rochmes GmbH LOHRconsult Napartec Genoa University Dr. Ing. Norbert Klammsteiner Izen NV Hoeksken Cees Leenaerts Datentechnik Geyer SWECO Theorells AB E-tec cdm-ag.de J. en P. Schouten EWS Erdwärme-Systemtechnik GmbH Holymoor Consultancy Karlsruhe University Geoproduction Consultants Ramböll Sverige AB Cambursano Fabrizio HGC Hydro-Geo-Consult GmbH Baugrundinstitut Franke-Meißner Saunier & Associés Hessisches Competence Center für NVS Installatiebedrijf Schoormans B.V. Energi Komfort AB Eberhard Dux Consulting Ingenieur Gesellschaft Fugro mbH ELE Erdbaulaboratorium Essen GmbH Hamm & Theusner Arlanda VVS-Konstruktioner AB Miljö- och energisystem Neumann-Lebede-Schweizer Ing. Part. Systherma Gartiser & Piewak GmbH Agder University College G.S.P. tri-o-therm  B.V.B.A. Nippon Steel Co. Waterworks Division VBB VIAK AB Dr. Kek Engineering NGU, Norges geologiske undersøkelse Asplan Viak AS Stephan Uhlig Geotec Consult Bengt Dahlgren AB IVT Industrier AB Technical Management Frank Houweling HSW Ingenieurbüro Dr. Christian Timpe Geologischer Dienst Fachhochschule Biberach W/T Geoingenieure DMT Safe Ground Division Krevel Techneco BV EBERHARD & Partner AG Jan Heldens A.S.E. Lockefeer Theorells AS Termica heat pump systems Techno Consult AS Bianca Holtman TNO MEP Cauberg Huygen consulting engineers Jiri Ryska, OKD, EOSTECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD Chungbuk University AETNA Energiesysteme GmbH PBV Mechelbaan INGENIEURE Felderer&Klammsteiner Ingenieurbüro Mack Holland Railconsult Instituto de Ingeniería Energética  – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Baugrundinstitut Dr.-Ing. G. Ulrich IF Technology Angewandte Geophysik Projektbüro Boden und Grundwasser GEO Tecnica Dolomiti MONTANES GmbH TEN Co Fachhochschule Bochum E. Quik ES Techniek bv SGS Belgium NV AGRECOM Inc Terrasond GmbH REHAU AG Energieberatung Dipl. Ing.Berthold Fege GINGLINGER IDEN Wiertsema en Partners Wikström VVS-Kontroll AB Ingenjörsbyrå Borlänge AB JETVVS KONSULT  AB Creanova AB DWA Installatie- en energieadvies PORR AG Keller Technologies Ltd. Zeneral Heatpump Industry Co.,Ltd. Beijing Systion Environmental Techniques Co.  Ltd. Beijing CIAT Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai CIAT Refrigeration and Air Condition Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanxi YATE Air Condition Equipment Co., Ltd. Andersson & Hultmark AB SWECO THEORELLS AB Zent-Frenger Geo-Pioneer Corporation Tokyo TAC Svenska AB Department of Manangement and Engineering – University of Padova SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD Japan Hundred Group Co. Beijing China Keytech Industrial Inc Japan RoyalHaskoning Netherlands NILA VVS Konsulter AB Technische Universität Darmstadt Beijing city power environment technology Co. Ltd Genoa University Izen NV Hoeksken Cees Leenaerts adviseurs Datentechnik Geyer SWECO Teorells AB E-tec Neumann-Lebede-Schweizer Ing. Part. Systherma Gartiser & Piewak GmbH Agder University College G.S.P. tri-o-therm  B.V.B.A. Nippon Steel Co. Waterworks Div VBB VIAK AB Dr. Kek Engineering NGU, Norges geologiske undersøkelse Asplan Viak AS Uhlig Geotec Consult Bengt Dahlgren AB IVT Industrier AB Technical Management Frank Houweling HSW Ingenieurbüro Dr. Christian Timpe Geologischer Dienst Fachhochschule Biberach W/T Geoingenieure DMT Safe Ground Division Techneco BV ETH EBERHARD & Partner Jan Heldens A.S.E. Lockefeer Conval Nederland bv Theorells AS Vollrath Termica heat pump systems GmbH Techno Consult AS MEP Apeldoorn Netherlands Cauberg Huygen consulting engineers Jiri Ryska, OKD EOSTECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD South KOREA AETNA Energiesysteme GmbH PBV Mechelbaan Belgium INGENIEURE Felderer&Klammsteiner Ingenieurbüro Mack RWTH Aachen Angewandte Geophysik Projektbüro Boden und Grundwasser “Dr. Gottlieb MONTANES GmbH TEN Co Inchon Korea Fachhochschule Bochum Quik ES Techniek bv SGS Belgium NV AGRECOM Inc. Canada Terrasond GmbH&Co REHAU AG+Co Berthold Energieberatung GINGLINGER  IDEN ROSHEIM Wiertsema en Partners Wikström VVS-Kontroll AB Ståhlkloo Ingenjörsbyrå Borlänge AB Neumann-Lebede-Schweizer Ing. Part. G.S.P. tri-o-therm  B.V.B.A. Technical Management Frank Houweling Dr. Christian Timpe Geologischer Dienst Fachhochschule Biberach W/T Geoingenieure DMT Safe Ground Division Techneco BV A.S.E. Lockefeer Termica heat pump systems Cauberg Huygen consulting engineers
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