Software for heat transfer and ground heat

HEAT2 - Heat transfer in two dimensions

August 6, 2002

Type: Problems opening files

A couple of users have reported problems opening dat-files that was ok to open before. It seems to be that the decimal seperator has been changed from  "." to ",". It could be that regional settings are changed by another program or by the user. HEAT2 will check for the settings when saving the dat file. If the decimal seperator is changed and the dat file is opened again the error may occur. 

Other types of files, such as climate files may also be affected.

Quick fix: Open the dat file in an editor (such as Write or Word) and change all ',' to '.'.

May 27, 2003

Type: Problems to registrate HEAT2

HEAT2 may be registered by pressing the registration button under the menu item About. The registration process failes due to changes in our server. Note that the functionality of HEAT2 is the same whether it has been registered or not.

Note that HEAT2 connects to the Internet during the registration process and that certain firewalls can block this.

Fix available May 27, 2003:

Please download version 5.02 from our web by using the same instructions in the email you received when you bought version 5.