Software for heat transfer and ground heat

HEAT3 - Heat transfer in three dimensions

What’s new in HEAT3 version 6

For detailed description please see

Update manual for HEAT3 6 (PDF), 2011

The following list shows a summary of new features:

Increased sizes for data fields

Many data fields have been increased in sizes. The maximum number of numerical nodes has been increased from 2,197,000 (130·130·130)  to 50 million 50,653,000 (370·370·370).

Cylindrical and elliptical shapes

Cylindrical and spherical shapes can now easily be generated


· Dialog added to change and set default material file.

· The chart for temperatures/heat flows (menu item Output/Temperature along line)  has been updated.  The chart editor is also updated.

· The Solve-window (F9 and F10) now shows the sum of all positive boundary flows (earlier the sum of all absolute boundary flows was shown).

· Check for software updates added.

· New report generator with export to PDF, HTML, XLS, RTF, TXT, XML, QRP, QRX.

· Now also adapted for Windows 7 and Vista.


Enhancements in post-processing:

· Faster drawing/updating

· Mouse cursor sometimes “froze” for a small moment in earlier versions. This has been fixed.