Software for heat transfer and ground heat

EED web services

Example of call procedure:

CalcBHLength:     Returns the total borehole length (same calculation as ”Solve required borehole length in EED”).

                                  Parameters:            account string
code:  error code                 1: account has expired
                                                                                                      2: account has reached maximum number of calls                                                                                                                                                  3: Bad input data file

                                                                    afile:  input data file (same format as the EED input data file)

EED is now available as a web service. The description is found at

Applications such as internet portals, etc, can use the EED web services to quickly access calculated results from EED. A web service call for calculation of the total borehole length typically takes less than one second!

In order to use the EED web services you need an account (contact us for a test account) that are priced as follows:

Account level

Max number of calls/year

Yearly cost