Software for heat transfer and ground heat

HEAT3 - Heat transfer in three dimensions

Update Info for HEAT3

Current version of HEAT3 is 8.02

Use the update function (menu item
Info/Check for updates) to see if there are any updates. This will show the download link to the setup program. Note that you can also use the (same) download link you got in the order email since it always will contain the most recent version.

Version 8.02
May 9, 2017

· Clicking on object-inspector for a heat source showed a too small window that needed to be resized in order to show data.

Version 8.01b
April 27, 2017

· For admins/superusers: It is now possible to silently install, uninstall, activate, and deactivate HEAT3 using a command line in a batch-file, see

Version 8.01
March 23, 2017

· The complete geometry can now efficiently be described by text. It is also possible to vice versa convert already drawn geometry in the pre-processor to a script.

Old versions:

Version 7.11 update
August 30, 2016

· Compatibility with Windows 10 Anniversary added.

Version 7.1 update
March 9, 2016

· Bug fix for material editor that "froze" on certain systems.

· Some minor fine tuning.

Version 7.0
June 15, 2015:

· Parallel computation. HEAT3 now solves larger problems much faster using multiple cores (CPU:s) for both steady-state and transient cases. For large problems there may be up to 4-5 times of speed increase. E.g. a problem that took 1h to solve with version 6 (single core) may take about 15 min to be solved using version 7 (multi core) on a PC with 4 cores.

Version 6.1 update
April 8, 2015:

· Better adaption to Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

· Several instances of HEAT3 can now be started and active at the same time. This will allow you to work (input and solve) multiple cases at the same time. Solving e.g. 3-4 cases parallel on a CPU with four cores, or 5-6 cases on a CPU with 6 cores should be very efficient.

· The number of colors (materials) and legends shown in the post-processor was limited to 15 in old versions. This is now increased to 30.

· New improved license management system. Your "old" license key for HEAT3 v6.0-v6.03 needs to be converted to a new product key for v6.1.

    This can be made here:
Generate new product key.


To upgrade your old license of HEAT3 v6.0-v6.03 to v6.1 please use the update function in HEAT3 (menu item ”Info/Check for updates”).

Version 6.03 update
March 22, 2012:


· Save path for input files (*.h3p), temperature files (*.ijk), and recorder files (*.rec) was not saved to the recent folder. This is now fixed.

· The heat transfer resistance for a boundary condition with a temperature function was not saved in the h3p-file. This is now fixed.

Version 6.02 update
Aug 1, 2011:

· Improved input on the length panel at the bottom of the pre-processor.

Version 6.01 update
June 28, 2011:

· Datafiles (*.h3p) where always saved to location "...Documents\Blocon\HEAT3 6", even
though another folder (e.g. the Projects folder) where chosen. This is now fixed.

Old versions:

Update for version 5.0 to version 5.1

Note: This update will only work if you already have a working license of HEAT3 5.0.

If you have a school license or company site license and have not received this update please contact us. The version below will not work for school and site licenses.

1. Download this zip file:
2. Extract ”HEAT3_51.exe” and place it in the same folder as ”HEAT3_Full.exe” .

Version 5.1 update


· Fixed error message ”HEAT3 is registered but ActiveX does not exists". This alert came in some cases for a user without admin rights running HEAT3 under Vista and XP.

· Max number of BC boxes increased from 12 to 30

· Recorder: fixed label “Q, point (x,Y) [W/m?]” => “Q, point (x,Y) [W/m2]”.

· System info: “Available virtual memory” was negative if RAM size was above 2 GB.

· Options for steady-state: option for optimization of over-relaxation is now saved to file.

· Function steps editor: “Paste from clipboard” added to menu.