Software for heat transfer and ground heat

HEAT2 - Heat transfer in two dimensions

Update Info for HEAT2

Current version of HEAT2 is 10.12

Use the update function (menu item
Info/Check for updates) to see if there are any updates. This will show the download link to the setup program. Note that you can also use the (same) download link you got in the order email since it always will contain the most recent version.

Version 10.12b
April 23, 2017

· For admins/superusers: It is now possible to silently install, uninstall, activate, and deactivate HEAT2 using a command line in a batch-file, see

Version 10.12
April 14, 2017:

· Compatibility with Windows 10 "Creators update" added.
  Earlier versions of HEAT2 will not start if your OS is updated to Windows 10 "Creators update".
  There is however a quick fix that will make old versions of HEAT2 run under this OS:
  Go to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\BLOCON\HEAT2_v10.11, right-click "HEAT2_v10_11.exe" and choose
  Properties. In the Compatibility tab, change "Compatibility mode" to "Windows 7".

· New version of TurboActivate (

  If you have any old versions prior to HEAT2 v10.12 on the PC you need to uninstall them first in the
  control panel before continuing.

Version 10.11 update

August 30, 2016

· Compatibility with Windows 10 Anniversary added.

Version 10.1 update

July 25, 2016

· New look of file open/save dialogs

· Preview possible for Dxf/Dwg-files in the Cad import open file dialog

· Fixed problem: clicking in the post-processor menu sometimes froze the image for a short while

· Fixed problem: some windows were earlier hidden when toggling between HEAT2 and other applications

· Fixed problem: "cannot open clipboard: access denied" sometimes came when pasting objects in pre-processor

· Max value for coordinates for ”Input/Initial Temperatures” raised from 250 to 32767

· Max value for coordinates for ”Input/Resistances” raised from 250 to 32767

Version 10.03 update

June 7, 2016

· Maximum value for coordinates for ”Areas with internal modifications” raised from 250 to 32767

· The small ”squares” indicating current material color were not updated when ”Themes” were applied. (The squares are shown in Material pick list (at upper right), Pre-processor (at lower left), Bitmap editor (black and white squares on the tool bar), and in the Tool menu  in the Bitmap editor).

Version 10.02 update

March 10, 2016

· Bug fix for material editor that "froze" on certain systems.

Old versions:

HEAT2 9.04

Use the Update function in HEAT2 to check if there are any updates. The update can be downloaded as follows:

1. Click on button "Download" (menu item Help/Updates) to download the zip-file.
2. Quit HEAT2 and extract the new files.
3. Replace the old files with the new ones.

You can also download the zip-file directly here:

(Requires that you already have installed v9. If you have problem downloading this file, It might be antivirus software that deletes or blocks the files. You might then need to turn it off temporarily and download again.)

Current language files:
Download language files: Put all files in the ”Language” folder.

This file contains 42 languages. The following languages are validated:
English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Czech.

(The other languages are made by Google translate and so far not yet validated).

Version 9.04 update

Feb 4, 2016

· The modification "Pipe (heat source)" could not be used for transient enthalpy calculations where phase change was occurring in previous version. This is now added.

· Fix for randomly occurring "floating point error" on Windows 7 when calculation was made using menu item "Automatic mesh and L2D". (One user has reported this error.)

Version 9.03 update

March 18, 2015

· A few font fixes.

Version 9.02 update

Jan 15, 2015

· Improved license management.

Version 9.01 update

Jan 8, 2015

· Bitmap image resizing and resampling improved.

Version 8.1 update

April 15, 2015:

· Better adaption to Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

· Several instances of HEAT2 can now be started and active at the same time. This will allow you to work (input and solve) multiple cases at the same time. Solving e.g. 3-4 cases parallel on a CPU with four cores, or 5-6 cases on a CPU with 6 cores should be very efficient.

· Now multilingual + many other smaller improvements.

· New improved license management system. Your "old" license key for HEAT2 v8.0-v8.03 needs to be converted to a new product key for v8.1.

    This can be made here:
Generate new product key.


To upgrade your old license of HEAT2 v8.0-v8.03 to v8.1 please use the update function in HEAT2 (menu item ”Info/Check for updates”).

Version 8.03 update

Aug 1, 2011:

· Improved input on the length panel at the bottom of the pre-processor.

Version 8.02 update

July 21, 2011:

· If a polygon point was drawn to close to another point, it would sometimes be missing.
This is now fixed.

Version 8.01 update

June 20, 2011:

· The error message "This material file is not allowed in demo version" was sometimes shown.
This is now fixed.

Version 7.1 update


· Fixed error message ”HEAT2 is registered but ActiveX does not exists". This alert came in some cases for a user without admin rights running HEAT2 under Vista and XP.

· Calculation of psi-factors: HEAT2 assumed for some cases that the indoor climate were placed on the left side of a wall/roof leading to that legends for external/internal lengths ”L(i)” and “L(e)” sometimes were switched.

· Frame cavities: calculations for frame cavities gave an overestimation of a few percent for the heat flow due to radiation when the cavity was enclosed by surfaces with temperatures below zero.

· Recorder: fixed label “Q, point (x,Y) [W/m?]” => “Q, point (x,Y) [W/m2]”.

· System info: “Available virtual memory” was negative if RAM size was above 2 GB.

· Options for steady-state: options for optimization of over-relaxation and numerical scheme are now saved to file.

· Function steps editor: “Paste from clipboard” added to menu.