Software for heat transfer and ground heat

EED - Earth Energy Storage

Update Info for EED

Current version of EED is 4.18

(Use the Update function in EED or use the link you got upon ordering to download the latest version)

For all new features, see Appendix A in update manual for EED v4:

Version 4.19
May 23, 2017

· Pipe thermal conductivity can now be larger than 100 W/(m·K), see menu "Borehole and heat exchanger".

Version 4.18b
April 21, 2017

· For admins/superusers: It is now possible to silently install, uninstall, activate, and deactivate EED using a command line in a batch-file, see

Version 4.18
April 13, 2017:

· Compatibility with Windows 10 "Creators update" added.
  Earlier versions of EED will not start if your OS is updated to Windows 10 "Creators update".
  There is however a quick fix that will make old versions of EED run under this OS:
  Go to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\BLOCON\EED_v4.17, right-click "EED_v4_17.exe" and choose Properties.
  In the Compatibility tab, change "Compatibility mode" to "Windows 7".

· New version of TurboActivate (

Version 4.17
March 1, 2017:

· EED v4 now always shows results from first year (0) for monthly simulations (same as in v3). The option “Show results after x years”
             is now only valid for hourly simulations (in order to make these calculations quicker). The default value has also been
             changed from “1” to “0”.

· EED v4 now shows output temperatures and heat extraction rates with a precision of three digits. More digits can be chosen
             by checking “Show results with more digits” in the Settings menu.

Version 4.16
Feb 22, 2017:

· Fix: EED showed an error message when started on systems with decimal separator "."
· Fix: Last hourly value for temperature was sometimes zero using GPU-calculation
· New "pipe.txt" file:         names such as "PE DN25 PN6" changed to "PE DN25 SDR-17"
                                       PE DN45 SDR-17 added

Version 4.15
Jan 7, 2017:

· Fix: Graph for fluid temperatures was sometimes not updated when hidden.

Version 4.14
Jan 4, 2017:

· EED now uses threaded parallel SIMD calculations which gives 15-150 times faster simulations.
  Solving 25 years of hourly fluid temperatures now only takes a few seconds on a modern PC.

· EED can also use the GPU (graphics card) that allows for up to 200-300 faster execution.
  A $300 graphics card allows for a 100-year analysis in just 4 seconds.

· Updated approximation for irregular configurations.

For all new features, see Appendix A in update manual for EED v4:

Version 4.13
Dec 7, 2016:

· Hourly fluid temperatures are now written to file ”tfluid.out” when a simulation is made for hourly load values.
  (Monthly fluid temperatures are written when monthly load values are used.)

· File "hcdat.txt" now contains 59 new entries of heat carrier fluids with data for different ethanol concentrations
  and temperatures for "15%, 20%, 24%, 28% och 35% ethanol".

Version 4.12
Dec 5, 2016:

· First public release.

Older versions

Version 3.22 update
Sept 14, 2016:

· Fix for license activation problems.
· Danish added. Now supporting 34 languages 

Version 3.21 update
March 13, 2015:

· Output temperatures have new format (two decimals instead of three)
· Wrong colors in graphs for base load and peak load charts fixed
· Easier curves to understand in charts for "Fluid temperature" and "Minimum and maximum temperatures"
· Button "Copy to clipboard" in menu "borehole and heat exchanger" did not work and is now fixed

Version 3.2 update
Feb 19, 2015:

For all news about EED v3.2, please see chapter 11 in the manual: EED manual (PDF), revised Feb 19, 2015

- Better adaption to Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
- New improved license management system. Your old licence keys for v3.0-v3.16 need to be converted to a new product key for v3.2.

             This can be made here:
Generate new product key.

- Export to Excel improved.

To upgrade your old license of EED v3.0-v3.16 to v3.2 do as follows: Use the Update function in EED (see above), or download the setup program using your old license link that you got when you ordered EED v3.

Language files updates

Jan 29, 2015: Estonian, Latvian, and Farsi added.


Jan 28, 2014: The output window was empty when ”First month of operation” was 3 for certain German and Turkish users.
Please use updated files from ” below. Use with EED version 3.16 or later.

Oct 24, 2012: Slovak added. Sept 17, 2012: Arabic added. Oct 28, 2011: Slovene added. Serbian updated.
Aug 16, 2010: Finnish added. July 27, 2010: Vietnamese added.

Download all language files here: Put the files in the Language folder.

Version 3.16 update
July 4, 2010:

- Different fonts used in EED leading to that input data could not fit into boxes for Windows 7.
- Formatting problems in Excel solved. Some comma separated strings for configuration gave problems in column handling.

April 14, 2010: Lithuanian added. EED now available in 24 languages!

Jan 27, 2010: Basque added.
Dec 21, 2009: Hebrew added.

Version 3.15 update
Oct 15, 2009:

-Fixed error where garbage characters were printed from the design data editor (menu item "File/Print").
- Replaced with new option to export to Notepad.
-Fixed error where characters in some languages (e.g. Serbian) were not displayed correctly.
-Contains language update from July 17, 2009 (see below).
- July 17, 2009: Serbian (Latin+Cyrillic), Russian, Chinese, and Japanese have been added.

Version 3.14 update
June 8, 2009:

· EED now handles unicode characters. Three new languages are added: Chinese (simplified), Russian, and Japanese. EED 3.14 contains translation for 19 languages Note that the new language text files (e.g. for German: Lang_menu_ger.txt, Lang_in_ger.txt, Lang_out_ger.txt) now are saved in UNICODE format. Files used by earlier version of EED (3.00-3.13) were saved in ANSI and cannot be used directly. If you have made any changes to our language files you need to re-open them in e.g. Notepad and save them in UNICODE format.

· Fixed error message "EED is registered but ActiveX does not exists". This alert came in some cases for a user without admin rights running EED under Vista and XP.  Administrator can install EED for "Current user" or "All users".

Version 3.13 update

· Output results can now be opened in Excel. This will give easier access to data for mean fluid temperatures, heat extraction rate and monthly energy profile. See menu item "Export to xls-file and open it" in the output result window.

· Temperature charts now uses Fahrenheit when English units is selected.

· Graphics for borehole configurations (added in EED 3.11, see below) with U-shape was drawn incorrectly for N1xN2 where N2>N1.

Version 3.12 update

· Corrected error message that was wrong in version 3.11: "The error message “Warning: Fluid minimum temp. accuracy not met!” was sometimes shown when using F9 (solve mean fluid temp) even though simulation was ok.

Version 3.11 update

· Graphics added for borehole and heat exchanger, see figures below. Shank spacing may graphically be changed for U-pipes.

· Thermal conductivity added for filling material in the case with coaxial heat exchanger.

· Graphics added for borehole configuration, see example picture below with 16 boreholes in an L2-configuration.

· More solutions found for cases with large borehole spacings (>55 m).

· A few corrected error messages.

Version 3.10 update

· Smaller fix if english units is used: Some values shown in output window for Monthly energy profile were not displayed correctly (sum of "factors" and "loads")

· Exporting to xls-file in optimization window: If number of rows was less than 20, an error was shown

Language files complete for English, Bulgarian, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish (Castilian), Swedish, Turkish

Version 3.09 update

· The flow rate in the borehole was calculated wrong when option "for all boreholes" was used

· Maximum value for series factor now increased from 10 to 99

If series factor is larger than number of boreholes, the flow rate in the borehole Qbh will now be the same as specified flow Q

Version 3.08 update

· Support and language file for Greek added. Language files complete and corrected for English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish (Castilian), Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch

Version 3.07 update

· Error in 3.06 fixed (the curves for peak heat and cool load were mixed with the basic load fluid temperature)

· New files for surface temperature and heat flux (June 16, 2008)

Language files complete for English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish (Castilian), Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch (June 16, 2008)

New databases

(Included in updates above)

New files for surface temperature and heat flux are available. Download the zip-file and extract the files to the directory where EED is located (e.g. C:\Program Files\Blocon\EED_3) and replace the old files.


Data are mainly taken from national meteorological services and from different editions of EU geothermal atlas.

Language support

(Compare dates for updates above. If date for zip-file is after the update version, please download zip-file below to assess the latest languages.)

The following languages are available in EED 3:

· English

· French

· German

· Hungarian (corrected characters July 3, 2008)

· Italian

· Spanish (Castilian)

· Swedish

· Turkish (corrected characters July 3, 2008))

· Portuguese (corrected characters July 3, 2008))

· Polish (corrected characters July 3, 2008))

· Dutch (added June 29, 2008)

· Greek (added July 3, 2008)

· Bulgarian (added July 16, 2008)

· Romanian (added August 25, 2008)

· Catalan (added August 25, 2008)

· Czech (added February 26, 2009)

· Russian (added June 8, 2009)

· Chinese (added June 8, 2009)

· Japanese (added June 8, 2009)

· Serbian (Latin+Cyrillic) (added July 17, 2009)

· Hebrew (added Dec 21, 2009)

· Basque (added Jan 27, 2010)

· Lithuanian (added April 14, 2010)

· Vietnamese added (July 27, 2010)

· Finnish added (Aug 16, 2010)

· Slovene added (Oct 28, 2011)

· Arabic added (Sept 17, 2012)

· Slovak added (Oct 24, 2012)

· Korean added (Dec 4, 2012)

· Estonian, Latvian, Farsi added (Jan 29, 2015)
Download this zip-file and extract the files to the directory where the language folder is located (e.g. C:\Program Files\Blocon\EED_3\Languages) and replace the old files. Choose language in EED (menu item Settings/Language).

Help needed for translation into other languages

We offer a free license of EED Multi-lingual  if you make a valid translation into a new language (add a column in If you wish to contribute, please contact us first in case of that no other is currently working on it. 

At the moment, we need translations made for the following languages:
Indonesian, Hindi, Urdu.
(we do not need other languages at the moment)

(There are about 1100 words to translate.)

How to create files for a new language

New language files can easily be created and edited. There are three files for the menu text, the input dialogue text, and the output text:
    Menu text: Lang_menu_***.txt
    Input text: Lang_in_***.txt
    Output text: Lang_out_***.txt

The "***" should be replaced by the ISO 639-2 Code, see

E.g. the Swedish files are named

If you create new language files please consider to email these to and we will make these available to others.

Create/Add/Edit languages in menu item Settings/Options, see below.

Write the translation to the left (here in German).